7 Key Benefits of Using Sex Toys While in a Relationship

couple in bed kissing intimately

While vibrators were originally invented for "hysterical women", they are now used across the globe for sexual satisfaction in solo or couple play.

Sex toys come in a variety of forms, and since everybody is unique it allows you to find the one perfect for you.

Have you ever thought of using sex toys in your relationship? There are several reasons why sex toys may be something you need to liven up your sex life with your partner.

Check out what you might be missing out on, by not using sex toys in your relationship below.

1. A Better Sexual Experience

Sex toys can increase the potential sexiness of any intimate experience. Both you and your partner can experiment, discover new things that you like, and even delve into uncharted sexual territory.

Part of the reason that couples like to use sex toys is that it can enhance the experience, whether that is from increased stimulation, more excitement, or just doing something that breaks up your regular sexual routine.

2. Explosive Orgasms

It's no secret that plenty of people, especially women, struggle to orgasm. A study showed that in heterosexual encounters, men orgasmed almost 95% of the time, but women only orgasmed 50-70% of the time.

Sex toys can provide new opportunities for couples to have more intense orgasms. And can give individuals that either struggle achieving orgasms, or prematurely orgasms options when using sexual products geared towards those specific needs helping increase sexual synchronicity.   

Orgasms with sex toys can be more exciting and this is a simple way to ensure that your sex life will improve.

3. Higher Sex Drive

When you're having better sex, you're more likely to want to have sex more often. For men and women that are not feeling what they need to feel during sex, it may not be fun and could cause a real rift in the relationship.

With sex toys, sex is more exhilarating and the toys provide a chance to play with your partner in a new way. This is good for you and good for them. What was once something to "get over with" can become an act you look forward to!

4. Better Self-Awareness

Whenever you have sex, practicing self-awareness is very important. Knowing what you want and what you need during your experience makes sex more pleasurable.

Sex toys is a tool that helps you find out more about what you like or don't like. The same can be said for your partner, so finding these things out together can be a way to build your relationship even closer.

Many people find that sex toys increase their awareness because they are able to provide sensations that human touch cannot. 

5. Intimacy and Exploration

Exploring your bodies, building your sex toy collection, and having more excitement in the bedroom can lead to great appreciation in your relationship. One of those things is a strong sense of intimacy.

You can learn more about your partner in many ways. For instance, using toys and figuring out what you both like helps you learn how to talk to each other. It can help you become closer because you are working together and respecting each other sexual boundaries.

Evolution in a healthy sexual relationship is generally something that needs to happen because, honestly, the act of sex alone can become mundane.

Using sex toys as a way to introduce different sensations helps to speed up the evolutionary process of likes and dislikes.

6. Better Communication

You should always talk before and after when you use sex toys. This is to make sure that everyone is on the same page and is having just as much fun as everyone else.

One way to spice things up is to talk about what you plan to do with the sex toys and get imaginations, flowing. Expressing your excitement to share the sexual experience with them and that you desire feedback, so it can be enjoyable for everybody creates a feeling of safety.

Always consider both your pleasure and your partner's pleasure. Check-in with them to make sure that sexual desires can be openly expressed and new scenarios can be explored keeping it fun.  

These simple communication tools are great ways to get this type of conversation started, and also reduces rejection when talking about sex with your partner, so together you are comfortable with sharing your desires.

7. Less Pressure

Sexual performance anxiety is a real thing and it impacts a lot of sexual relationships. While it may not be the only solution that works, trying out sex toys can take some of the pressure off of someone that is worried about performing sexually.

When you introduce sex toys, you can try toys that are for one person or both people.

While using a couple's sex toy, for example, you might use a male desensitizer product to stay erect long enough for your partner to have an orgasm. This consideration helps eliminates those pressures leaving only smiles after the climax is reached.  

Try Using Sex Toys to Spice Up Your Relationship!

With all of this information, you might be ready to start using sex toys with your significant other right away.

No matter how long you've been in a relationship, your partner is sure to appreciate your enthusiasm to switch it up in the bedroom. Bringing it up in a way that shows the potential for fun and increasing your bond while having better sex is a great idea.

Sex toys come in many different colors and sizes, so look at all of the different options we offer and give them a try! Our product guides help you understand the different materials and maintenance of using sex products. 

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