Anal Toys Product Guide

Anal Toys Product Guide 


This product guide is responsible for taking away any anxiety from engaging with anal toys. We have a large collection of anal products, and here to help you found a product that you will be happy to purchase.

Anal toys provide an erotic stimulation and can be used for G-spot or P-spot orgasms; whether you are alone or in couples play time. These toys are either vibrating or non-vibrating, so let’s take a moment to know the benefits of each type.

Anal beads are best imagined as a string of beads that graduate from smallest at the tip and increases in sizes the deeper into the anal cavity it goes; it’s the largest at the base.

Butt plugs can have many shapes, yet the cone shaped tip butt plugs are easy to insert when properly lubricated making a novice partner feel comfortable with this newfound fun!

Vibrating anal beads or butt plugs can help a beginner with anal toys relax their sphincter muscles to experience those sensitive nerves resulting in a potentially explosive orgasm.

Prostate specific anal toys can be weighted to stimulate the prostate gland of a male owner. The prostate gland is about the size of a walnut located relatively 3 inches inside of the anal cavity along the front wall directly towards the penis. If your partner angles up and targets the P-spot this can cause an orgasm that feels like ecstasy.

Inflatable anal toys cause the receiver to experience a different kind of sensation as sensitive nerves and muscles are being stretching. They engage the sphincters muscles and the anal cavity creating a balloon effect, inside of the anus. Gently inserting, at original size, using the small pump to slowly add air, so it can inflate giving a unique stimulation.

Anal products come in a variety of materials: PVC, rubber, latex, jelly, silicone, glass, etc. PVC, rubber, latex, and jelly are cheaper in cost, yet extremely porous allowing bacteria to spread if not properly used and cleaned. The best options for anal product when using sex toys are non porous materials like silicone, ABC plastic, glass, etc. We recommend using a new condom every time if sharing your sex toys with your partner. 

Looped handles, T-shaped bases, and flared bases prevent anal products from going to deep into the anal cavity; a safer ways to retrieve and remove butt plugs or anal beads after sex. 

Lubrication is every part of the fun, so be sure to click here for our product guide on lubricants and learn more. 

Here are a few tips, if you are just beginning, or want to learn more for maintaining your sex toys: warm water and a mild soap for a quick clean, place in boiling water for 3-5 minutes helps thoroughly sanitize your sex toy, or soaking toys in a bleach water mixture (about 90% water, 10% bleach) for 15-20 minutes.

A storage box for safe keeping and avoidable embarrassing moments is a splendid idea, too.