Lubricant Product Guide

Lubricants Product Guide

Lubricate and slide in!

This product guide will educate you on the best lubricants to buy based on the material of the sex toy, including vaginal and/or anal sex, for comfortable penetration, during partner fun.

A vaginal member must become wet to engage in intimate moments with a penis member, so that vaginal member does not experience a painful sexual exchange with her partner. Vaginal dryness does not indicate lack of arousal, during sexual intercourse. A fully-erected penis is elevated in temperature which can slightly dry out the vagina when inserting into the opening, among other health reasons.

The best option to keeping everyone feeling sexy? You guessed right, finding a lubricant that works for you, both.    

Water-based lubricant:

The human body is made up of a majority water. The benefit of using water-base lube is an opportunity for buying a chemical-free product that can help eliminate a possible skin reaction, otherwise.

When browsing you should focus on paraben and glycerin free products.

Solo play or couple play using silicone material sex toys? This is the best option lube, for you, both.  

Bonus, it’s safe to use with condoms. Downfall, we would not recommend for oral sex because the taste maybe unpleasant and tends to dry out requiring frequent reapplication.

Silicone-based lubricant:  

This lube is great because of its hypoallergenic formula and has long-lasting benefits, so your focus is having sex with your partner, instead of reapplication.

Solo, or couple session using silicone material sex toys? Silicone lubricant will damage your silicone material sex toy, so we would not recommend its use.

What about other sex toys materials? Yes, use silicone lube with your sex toy materials made of glass, latex, rubber, jelly, etc.

You will be able to exercise safe sex with latex condoms. Bonus, great for quickies in the shower. Downside requires a soapy scrub to clean off.

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