Vibrators Product Guide

Vibrators Product Guide

Vibrators yes please! This product guide will help you easily buzz through our vibrator collection. and find a quality product you can indulge with in solo or partnered play.

Vibrator come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors; your pleasure is our desire. You must determine if you want a large, wand-like vibrator or a discreet product that can be enjoy in public.

Who says, dinner and desert must be separate? It can be overwhelming, so deciding where you want to use your vibrator is the first step.

There are about 7 common types of vibrators available: classic vibrator, rabbit vibrator, bullet vibrator, G-Spot vibrator, egg vibrator, wand vibrator, and clitoral vibrator.

Classic vibrator is simple, normally straight in shape, yet elegantly designed with multiple speeds. Great starter vibrator for an alternative to fingering the vagina.

Rabbit vibrator is popular with women, and experts consider it the best option for women! These vibrators can be used to stimulate internally and externally. Rabbit vibrators are characterized as having a short two-pronged end, and a longer end that can provide specialized or simultaneous stimulation. You will find them penis shaped in an array of colors and materials, remember non-porous materials is best for your sexual health.

Bullet vibrator is miniature in size usually designed for portability and can resemble a tube of lipstick for disguise. The motor is built to be as quiet as a whisper, so keep the moans down and you will go under detected.

G-Spot vibrator maximize the potential to hit your G-Spot. It’s designed with a slightly angled shaft to allow you to target your G-Spot, and functions only, by moving the vibrator in and out of the vagina. Curious about squirting for the first time? This is the best option for you and your partner in experiencing female ejaculation.

Egg vibrator is not a typical vibrator because it lacks a handle and usually rounded in shape, so you can discreetly travel in public with a remote control in hand. Want to include your partner in the fun? Hand them the remote and let them control your vibrations.

Wand vibrator replicates a personal massager that can be used for back pain, except they are meant for pleasure. Its distinct design features a rounded head great for clitoral simulation.

Clitoral vibrator is also nicknamed the oral sex vibrator because of its’ one-inch open-ended tip. This device focuses on providing a clitoral sucking sensation close to receiving oral sex from a partner. Clitoral vibrator gives a range of intensities from a light foreplay tease to a toe-curling experience.

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